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Beautiful Speech

To Be Announced - Autumn 2019

Full Price: £250     -     Community contributors: £175


To attend this course you will need to have participated in some other workshops led by Shivam before, or be booked on the One Year Course.

Ritual speech and the Poetic History of the World

Learn the secrets of the prayerful, holy ritual speech, that feeds the world, refining your story telling, poetic writing and public speaking skills.

These meetings focus on the mature poetic speech that nourishes the Soul of the World and brings integrity, nobility and revelation to language, the community and the world.

We must accept that we have lost the fierce, heart broken eloquence of free, proud, authentic people who are aware of their vulnerability and their sacred mingling with the ancient dew of the world. This is an attempt to teach that forgotten way. These secrets are profound and can only be given to those hungry for them.

This will be a deeply personal time working with that most intimate of our capacities - our speech: speech that can reveal and praise and bless the muddy details and blue skies of the gods, mountains and lakes and our own stumblings. And which should be our living gift to the world. A world destroyed through casual living, casual talking and starved of the poetry and honesty, and divine artistry of the heart. Old cultures knew about this, we can learn and remember.

Mining treasures from the holding house of the body and soul, to offer up from our open hands to the day; and how through what we think and say, we mould the reality of our lives.