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Enlightenment Intensive

4th - 10th August 2022


Investigate the self, reality, and the emptiness of ego.

3 days intense self enquiry based squarely on Charles Berner's technique .


  Community contributors: £300

Samhain sweat lodge, fire ritual and celebration!

28th - 31st October 2022

Moon in mist_Ambiant_edited.jpg

Celebrating the magical mysterious turning of the Celtic year. Together we  embrace the dark and wild in a sacred manner. Story telling,  meditation, breath work, ritual and communion with the autumnal forest.


  Community contributors: £175

Cauldron of Plenty

25th - 29th August 2022

Candlelight Ceilidh_edited.jpg

Our yearly wild and ecstatic tribal gathering, a cornucopia of music, dance, feasting, conviviality and celebration of being with talking circles, workshops, performance and rituals.


Kids 14 to 18 yrs: £135

Kids 5 to 14 yrs: 75

Beautiful Speech

22nd - 25th September 2022


Learn the speech of the ancients; which is the making and guarding of true culture. The language of ritual, how to speak at sacred sites, prayer that weaves the holy threads, courting beyond the human with praise that keeps the world alive.


  Community contributors: £150

Women's Lodge

27th - 31st July 2022

women circle.jpg

Return to the essence of our being. Clearing the way to inner freedom.
Finding confidence and power in root energy and secret knowing.


  Community contributors: £170

Tribal Get Together

9th - 14th June 2022

IMG_1555 (1)_edited.jpg

Whether you have never been before or you've already fallen in love with the valley, come and meet old and new in the early summer days.


Community contributors: £75

Kids under 16: £50

Kids under 5: free

Sacred Man : Sacred Woman

12th - 16th August 2022


Playful, wild and ecstatic initiation into deep ritual, honouring the divine masculine and feminine in each other.


Coupless: £450

Community Contributors: £125

Wild camp with us

22nd - 24th August 2022

Tree Girl_Camping meadow_edited.jpg

Always wanted to visit Spirit Horse? Bring your tent, camp in the valley. All meals are provided, let the wild woods and waters do their work. 

£39 a day

Community contributors: £20

Kids under 16: £20

Kids under 5: free

August full immersion

Whole Month of August 2022

People .jpg

Live with our tribal community for a month, rooted in the wild land and its spirit. Be and take part in our busy program of events, throwing yourself in the deep end.


Bookings and Cancellations Policy


It is really helpful for us when running courses and events if you book in advance.

If we have to cancel an event, we will provide you a full refund without question.
If you need to cancel your booking, you can carry the value of your booking over to another event (subject to availability) or pay £100 admin fee, unless exceptional circumstances.