Still On! (At our Cosy house venue)

Enlightenment Intensive

3rd - 6th December 2020


Investigate the self, reality, and the emptiness of ego.

3 days intense self enquiry based squarely on Charles Berner's technique .

Dear friends, participants, volunteers , guests and tribal lovers...


Sorry folks it’s too complicated this year.
With new vision,  purpose and fresh resolve  we propose to  gather once more on the first day of May 2021.
You are invited to join us on that good day or on any of the long days that follow throughout the summer and autumn next year.
Stay in touch. Next years schedule will most likely look very similar to this years, but with additions.
It’s time for changes and completions!
Rest up, guard your treasure, gather your wild threads and wrapped in glory, bring it all to the feast next year!
See you among the mountains and waters of a secret kingdom, where our portion of what is sacred must be well held, in all freshness, in all humility and in all majesty,  if life allows.

Love and health to all !

Our Usual Events (cancelled this year)

Women's Lodge

20th-23rd Frebruary 2020

22nd - 26th July 2020

22nd - 25th October 2020

Return to the essence of our being. Clearing the way to inner freedom.
Finding confidence and power in root energy and secret knowing.


  Community contributors: £120

Opening the Season Ritual

2nd May 2020

Free event, open to all helpers, contributors and well wishers.

Let's gather and welcome the new Spirit Horse season of magic with offerings and presence.


Volunteering season

May / June 2020

Come and enjoy the collective work of the tribe. Develop your skills whilst living off grid and lend a hand to complete one of the biggest celtic roundhouses in Britain, including a vast shingle roof from forest to finished masterpiece. 

Yoga Bootcamp

8th - 11th May 2020

With Aleksei Zukov and Alberto Jubera.

Contact Aleksei for details:

Community camp

22nd May - 7th June 2020

1st - 5th July 2020

18th - 26th August 2020

Building, being, cooking, washing up, river bathing, sauna-ing, storytelling, dancing, you get the picture!  The loveliest time to relax and be in the valley with her wild tribe.  A relaxed, but hands-on time. 

£25 a day

community contributors: £15 a day

15th - 17th May 2020

Woodworking Masterclass with Tahantar and Shivam and the Spirit Horse Tribe. An introduction to wood from the forest, basic joinery, hand tools, power tools and indigenous design.

Full Price £99

Tribal Life

22nd - 25th May 2020

Celebrating 30 years of tribal life and extravagance, bring your wildest outfits, wildest self, for All Night Tribal Dance to the drums, meditation, forests, sauna, waterfalls and more.


23rd - 24th May 2020

An Evening Talk with Shivam O'Brien
on How to Build an Eco Village, followed by a nights stay and morning tour.

Full Price: £99

5th - 6th June 2020

Led by Tahanter, a bodyworker who previously ran a London clinic.

A wildly beautiful weekend packed with foundation level - intermediate teachings of working with these fleshy temples we house.

Full Price: £149

Retreat with SHaman Kurikindi

19th - 21st June 2020

Amazonian Shaman and Healer Kurikindi who has been our honored guest over the past two years is returning to our valley.

He brings his lifelong  spiritual connection with plants, his timeless wisdom, nurture, purification, and truth.


Early Bird: £340

Space for Change

6th - 12th July 2020

A Rite of Passage in Nature 

Facilitated by: Fern Smith & Philip Ralph, Rites of Passage Guides & Artists. A unique form of guided retreat which includes nature practices and medicine walks, personal and group processes and opportunities to create self-generated ceremonies.

07528 527836


Enlightenment Intensive

6th - 9th August 2020

1st - 4th October 2020

Investigate the self, reality, and the emptiness of ego.

3 days intense self enquiry based squarely on Charles Berner's technique .


  Community contributors: £300

Sacred Man : Sacred Woman

14th - 18th August 2020

Playful, wild and ecstatic initiation into proper ritual, honouring the divine masculine and feminine in each other.


Coupless: £450

Community Contributors: £125

Cauldron of Plenty

27th - 31st August 2020

Our yearly wild and ecstatic tribal gathering, a cornucopia of music, dance, feasting, conviviality and celebration of being with talking circles, workshops, performance and rituals.


Kids up to 14 yrs: £25

Beautiful Speech

17th - 20th September 2020

Learn the speech of the ancients; which is the making and guarding of true culture. The language of ritual, how to speak at sacred sites, prayer that weaves the holy threads, courting beyond the human with praise that keeps the world alive.


  Community contributors: £150

It is really helpful for us when running courses if you book in advance.

If something comes up last minute, your deposit can be carried over to another event