retreat with Amazonian shaman Kurikindi

28th July - 1st August 2021

Prices:      Camping accommodation £400

                  Shared yurt accommodation £600

                  Private Bell tent accommodation £800

Traditional prayer songs are made throughout. There is an opportunity to share and discuss the experience afterwards, and it is much encouraged to ask questions to gain clarity of one's journey.


What is a Ginger Ceremony?

The ginger is revered in Kurikindi's tribal culture and is used to purify and cleanse the whole body. The ginger is applied on the skin, the biggest organ of the body, offering strong energetic protection.


What is a Guayusa Ceremony?

Guayusa ceremonies are a tradition in the rainforest, connecting the people more deeply with the dreaming realms. Early in the morning, we will come together to take the tea. The plant supports deeper understanding of the dreams, which are shared within the ceremony and interpreted by Shaman Kurikindi, offering clear understanding and vision.



Additional Private Sessions with Kurikindi (POA)
Kurikindi is offering private sessions in addition to the retreat.


Your stay at Spirit Horse
Amongst beautiful wild nature, Spirit Horse is a small ceremonial village settlement in a valley surrounded by over 200 acres of rewilding forest.


3 sleeping options: camping, shared wooden yurt, luxury single Bell tent 

There are cosy, simple communal lodges for you to stay in, and enough firewood to keep a fire going if it is cold. Please do bring your own bedding and suitable clothing for sleeping and living out in nature. There is also a large meadow used for camping or sleep in your CamperVan. You are welcome to bring your own tent if you would prefer private space or book our Luxury Bell Tents. Clear directions are given upon booking.

Please visit the practicalities page on the Spirit Horse website.

If you would like more details or have any questions, please contact

Honouring the divine element of water is a unique healing portal within humans, Pachamama and all existence to life. It is now the time where the element of Water is at it's most significant to the world. Therefore, it is vital for all existence and us as humans to enlighten, align and bathe with the divine spirit of water.  

From observations and from the Indigenous wisdom it is time for us to commit and liberate our mind, body and spirit with the magic of water in this unique ceremony using the alignment of the sacred tobacco and flowers to bring centredness within our divine light and our hearts.  

This ceremony is an opportunity for each and everyone of us to bring and share our magical preferences of flowers which will be woven through the structure of the water and tobacco ceremony as an offering to Pachamama and each other.

We have a unique celebration to reaffirm our connection and learn the healing from the sacred Water, Tobacco and Flower medicine which will be held by Master Shaman Kurikindi.

Master Shaman Kurikindi, of the Kichwa people, was born into a lineage of powerful Shamans who work with the various sacred medicines.  Many generations of wisdom and knowledge have been passed down to him. Kurikindi's life and experiences have built a profound and powerful healing through working with the teachings of the plants and through the virtues of love and light.


It is an honour to invite you to this transformative cleansing and strengthening ceremony of the Mind, Body and Spirit. The traditions are shared with us from the Kichwa people, who live deep within the Ecuadorian rainforest and whose teachings span over 3000 years.

Spirit Horse welcomes Kurikindi's gracious presence amongst the rewilding land, for this very special ceremony and healing retreat.


The Retreat
As well as the Sacred Water Ceremony, this weekend retreat will also include talks, teachings and additional ceremonies with Wisdom Keeper, Kurikindi. These include:
A traditional tobacco ceremony
An early morning Guayusa Tea Ceremony (for deeper understanding of the dreams)
A full cleanse with Ginger

What is a Tobacco Ceremony?
A Tobacco Ceremony involves insufflating liquid tobacco (through the nose). Held by Kurikindi's energy, upon receiving the medicine, all relax together and welcome in the experience.

Bookings and Cancellations Policy


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We are working as flexibly as possible to make some amazing experiences work within the restrictions, and spaces are limited. In light of this, we ask that you commit to coming to Spirit Horse when you book to avoid disappointment for others who would like to come and unnecessary admin fees.