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As it is 

Dzogchen Retreat and happenings 

Dzogchen Retreat flyer


  • Dzogchen Teachings

  • Green Tara Practice

  • Tibetan Yoga

  • Tsa Lung & Tummo "Inner Fire" practices

  • Movement practices

  • Breathwork

  • Saunas

  • Waterfalls and cold dips

  • Nature connection

  • Sound healing

  • Voice Opening

  • Fireside Poetry

  • Storytelling


This unique and fun retreat welcomes Dzogchen teachings of an honoured guest and abbot, Drubdra Khenpo Tsultrim Tenzin Rinpoche of the Yungdrun Bön Tibetan tradition in Kathmandu, Nepal and the opportunity to enjoy the many integration modalities listed above.  


Taking place at the end of May, As It Is  promises to be an immersive meeting with ancient buddhist teachings and wisdom in a supported and natural environment, with facilitators King Yin, (Sound healing, yoga, movement) Julie Lawless (Green Tara Practice) and John Renshaw (Tibetan Yoga & Mindful Movement).  They will guide you through integrative practices to allow you to bring Dzogchen into everyday life.

We are delighted to be hosting such a rich event and to support the dharma teachings. 


 More information on the button below or read on. 

We will be given Dzogchen teachings and instructions by Drubdra Khenpo Tsultrim Tenzin, the abbot of the meditation school of Triten Norbutse, the seat of the Yungdrung Bön Tibetan tradition in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Appointed to this role 22 years ago by the great Lopön Tenzin Namdak himself, he is a highly experienced and qualified teacher and able to teach both experienced Dzogchen yogis to absolute beginners. Read a full biography here

We are delighted and honoured that Khenpo will be giving us a range of Dzogchen teachings. These teachings are considered the highest spiritual teachings and are present within the Tibetan lineages of Bön and Buddhism.

He will be giving Dzogchen teachings, the practice of the White Ah, Shine, Tsa Lung & Tummo, as well as advice for how to practise Dzogchen in daily life.

About As It Is

As It Is is something between a Dzogchen retreat and a festival.

At the heart of the Dzogchen teachings is the principle of integration. Our mission is to give people the opportunity to receive the transmission of Dzogchen teachings and to practise together in a beautiful natural setting. We will also participate in other activities, whilst doing our best to integrate the teachings of Dzogchen and remain in the so-called Nature of Mind.

Having recognised this state, and using secondary practices that support our abiding in this state, we will have more opportunity to plant seeds of liberation that can then be cultivated in our everyday lives. Over time we will be able to stabilise ourselves in this profound state and experience less suffering, more self-arising bliss and wisdom.

Over these 3 days and 3 nights, we will have the unique opportunity to receive and practise teachings from a great Dzogchen master from an unbroken ancient lineage, attend a series of amazing workshops and classes like Tibetan yoga, breathwork, magical movements, Green Tara.

Doing our best to integrate the teachings of Dzogchen we will take part in a complete range of other practices that work with the Body, Speech and Mind - movements, breathwork, visualisations.

Alongside the Dzogchen teachings from Khenpo-La, there will be workshops throughout the weekend including Green Tara practice, Tibetan Yoga, Tsa Lung and Tummo (Inner Fire), Breathwork, Mindful Movement, Sound Healing, Sacred Singing Circles (including Bön and Buddhist mantras), Voice Opening, Poetry & Storytelling around the fire, Tarot, Nature connection, Sauna, Cold dips, Waterfalls

Teachers of Tibetan Buddhist Integration Practices
Tibetan Buddha

For  bookings please follow the link below to the Eventbrite page.

Rent a bell tent or bedding

If you would like to rent a bell tent or bedding from us you can do so on the button below through our website. If you have questions about this email : 


Please get in touch via to the event page on Eventbrite 


Arrival Time: Friday 17th May between 2pm - 7:30 pm 

Please make sure to arrive on site at the arrival time. We will ferry you and all your gear in our four wheel drive vehicles down the steep mountain road to the village (if you don't fancy the spectacular mountain footpath). This takes only a few minutes to drive but you will have to load everything into our vehicles with our help. Welcome to the Bhutan of Wales. You can have the full Himalayan adventure without ever leaving Britain.


Spirit Horse Mountain Retreat is set amidst 200 acres of wildest Wales, allowed to return to its natural original face.

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