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In A WILD Valley

 off grid Retreat Venue

people gathered in an off grid kitchen in a wild nature retreat


The Spirit Horse wild nature retreat centre is a village of Celtic roundhouses and yurts, sacred fires and Temples with the most spectacular camp ground in Britain, set amongst the glittering rock faces, wild wooded gorges, rock pools and waterfalls of 200 acres of rewilding land in Wales.


The settlement also features a permanent sweat lodge, a sauna, a Tibetan Dakini temple, warm cosy carpeted meeting lodges with wood fire stoves, a fully equipped off grid kitchen with fresh drinkable spring water, ample parking space and compost toilets in line with our low impact ethos.

The entire venue is off grid, offering total privacy and seclusion, and can easily accommodate up to 50 people.


 A community sprung up around Shivam's work, and with everyone holding together, an impossible dream was realised: The Forest Of Dreams charity was set up to purchase the spectacular land where Spirit Horse has been holding events since 1990. The community lovingly raised nearly half a million pounds to let the land around the Spirit Horse Village return to its original face. 200 acres of mountain, streams, woods and meadows is now entirely wild land allowed to follow its own untamable direction in perpetuity. We call it the original face of the goddess.

Please visit the Forest Of Dreams website for information or to contribute to the further creation of wild land.   

Shivam O'Brien, tribal chieftain of Spirit Horse
Venue Hire
Run your event at Spirit Horse

Premiere venue for tribal gatherings or Shamanic workshops, vision quests, men's and women's circles, rewilding conferences, spiritual workshops, etc.

5 hours drive from London

3hours from Bristol

2.5 hours from Birmingham or Manchester

Attractive rates for large groups including full catering.

Please contact us for details and booking.

off grid Venue for Hire
group in wild nature temple at off grid venue for hire

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