Tribal community Training course


16th - 23rd May 2022:


This is a beautiful, intense week long training, full of challenge, triumph and humour, that will equip you to be a top crew member at any green field event in the country. 

You'll learn how to cook Indian and every kind of supper for 40 plus people (perfect rice and chappatti), provide a tipi with exactly the right firewood, build bridges and compost toilets, use carpentry tools, build round houses hands on, split and collect wood safely on mountainous terrain, hold your own with humour, style and grace, find your own unique wild contribution and make tea for a whole tribe in 12 and a half minutes!

After you have successfully completed this course, you may if you wish, enter into discussion with us on the possibility of joining our crew for the summer. Crew do not have to pay for living or course participation, but have to fully support events with panache, energy and verve.

Our program covers:

All food

Camping accommodation: Please bring your campervan/tent (Shared yurts spaces are limited, but can be offered in case of emergency)

To get a sense of practical lifestyle on site please have a read through our Practicalities page.

Any questions, Contact us:

August Full Immersion:

August is a little different, it is the busiest time of year with our main events, and it is the opportunity for you to fully experience the deep end by taking part rather than just working to support. You will still live with us for the month and join in with the tribal jobs in between events, go visit the August Full Immersion page for more details.

Full-Time crew member 2022: 

No cost 

For highly skilled persons to help run the camp, if you are an experienced cook or carpenter, contact us to apply. This will run on a trial basis of 3 days, at anytime during the season except August.  You'll have to be pretty good to pass these three initiatory days, however should you triumph, the welcome is not a small one. The tribal community training course is a great way to see if you have what it takes.

Any questions, Contact us:


Bookings and Cancellations Policy


It is really helpful for us when running courses and events if you book in advance.

If we have to cancel an event, we will provide you a full refund without question.
If you need to cancel your booking, you can carry the value of your booking over to another event (subject to availability) or pay £100 admin fee, unless exceptional circumstances.