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Who Is Spirit Horse?

Shivam O'Brien


Community Chieftain

& Workshop Leader

Storyteller, carpenter, ritual poet, ceremonialist, Enlightenment Intensive master, tribal leader, writer, pilgrim and lover of the woods and the wild.

Shivam exemplifies the Celtic tradition, and brings a reverence for indigenous and spiritual traditions from anywhere that might loan us enough time honoured wisdom  to become real people again.

Steeped in story, ritual and the wood smoke and earthiness of ancient ways, he is the originator of these courses and this unique camp and settlement. 


Shivam has worked with men and women and children in community and retreat for over twenty five years. He brings together wisdom gleaned from shamanic rooted culture and Indian and Buddhist sources. His style is relaxed, wild, adventurous, challenging, welcoming and fun - polished over many years in service to the teachings and ceremonials of East and West. Some of his teachers are legendary.

Honed over many years leading retreats, wilderness and ritual workshops, his command of ceremonial space and eloquence, sets eyes, ears and dreams aflame. Passionate and compassionate, a mighty stallion of vulnerability, bearing the war-drum for the Old Ways; he inspires a respect and a loyalty, rare in any time.


Erika Brilliana

Co-founder & Women's Circle Holder, Feminine Presence of Spirit Horse

Thanks to Erika's bountiful nurturance, the generous guidance of wise wild feminine belly, and the effortless power of her medicine woman way's, the original vision was able to take root. Holding the feminine presence in the valley, the birth of the village could have not happened without her. Today, Erika is a driving force behind the scenes, and is courageously and gracefully returning this year to her ceremonial seat for Sacred Man Sacred Woman. 

A destroyer of pretence and logic, bearing forth with an intuitive awareness that cuts, prophesises and knows, honed with ancient mother wit and wisdom. Her earthy, womanly sensuality and sensitivity manifest spontaneously and unpredictably as a mysterious, ruthless and often comical force.

"Decades ago, Erika's healing heart pulled me into the warmth of human company.  I'd been left out in the rain too long.  

Spirit Horse was like our child.  We could never have imagined the immensity of the adventure that our meeting birthed.

Thank you always." - Shivam

Miriam Annabelle Moncur 

Arriving to the Spirit Horse village in 2016, Miriam apprenticed herself, making a courageous attempt to learn all she could about ritual, story, self enquiry, poetic speech, holding circle and sacred space. With the blessing of the women elders at Spirit Horse, it seems the creation of a new flowering femininity is happening, and Aphrodite's Temple is the name we have accorded it. And Miryam has proved herself a capable captain at the helm.

Miriam displays a naturally open womanly energy that is bold and fun, yet insists on depth and reality. She holds the Priestess Lodge circle. Last year the Temple leapt into being under her resolve and guiding hand. She invites courageous Truth into the so often hidden female realm; the mythical, the unseen, that which is so magical it cannot be talked about. 

Miriam says, “I love being so damn vulnerable that every moment I am learning and undressing. I give up. I just surrender, and follow my gut, and listen. When I get in the way of life, I move out the way. I claim no ownership here. It just happens.”



"I took my place among the women in the Priestess Lodge last year. I felt that nothing would side track us whilst Miriam held space. We plunged into profound sacredness, invoking our inner goddess in the most feminine way; uninhibited, loving, accepting and devoted. Thank you Miriam. Thank you to the women of the Lodge."



A revolving community

Visitors come and go and often stay, to become a tribal presence that happens every summer.

A diverse collective of unstoppable, sometimes responsible, idiosyncratic individuals, not required to conform but in love and in service to something Holy that will not and should not be named.


Circle holders, storytellers, cooks, mentors, welcomers, comedians, builders, muscians, dancers, kings, queens, warriors, nobles, prayer makers and a few professional moaners, lunatics and village idiots just to keep it real!

And there is a space here for you too, which we long for you to fill!