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Support Us


Why Become a Community Contributor?

Get 30% to 50% off on most of our Workshops and Events.


Enable us to continue the amazing, ever flowing, ever opening adventure of remaking a culture worth being in. 

From £11 a month


One thousand 'thank-you's to those of you who have made a donation or are inspired to start donating. We greatly appreciate your generosity. The long term effect of your openhanded gesture cannot be calculated at this time.



what your donations fund

The fund is used to maintain this earthy village of architectural dreams and wonders; from timber and nails to months of candlelit suppers for the merry crew. And for an ecstasy of activity that reaches from earth to sky.   

To discuss donations, contact Robin, our grand vizier:

Robin: grandvizier51@gmail.com

For general enquiries contact Shivam, community founder and leader:


Volunteer With Us

Ecstatic Building

Essential building skills, mentorship and an exhilarating time spent working together among the woods and waterfalls, building everyday from late morning to the setting sun, breathing the fresh air.

Learning the ecstatic art of creating something magnificent!

Are you an experienced builder?

Free meals and lodging for full time skilled volunteers, who show unbounded enthusiasm. 

Minimum commitment 2 weeks.

Want to learn some skills at your own pace?

£20 a day - £300 if you book a whole month.

Including food, lodging, and mentoring.

Minimum commitment 2 weeks.

For general enquiries contact Shivam:


Join The Kitchen Crew

Become one of the cooking hands in our beloved off grid kitchen, the beating heart of the village, preparing meals for our team of builders or workshop participants.