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rewilding people, land & culture

Out beyond ideas of rightdoing and wrongdoing, there is a green field.

I'll meet you there. When you lie down in that grass, Life is too full to talk about


"- Rumi

 I'll see you in that field!

Love, Shivam

Spirit Horse chieftain


This magnificent structure, built to house a rebirth of sacred culture and communal reverence for nature, sits beneath a waterfall overlooking 200 acres of land which was purchased purely to let it all go wild.

Workshops & Events

Explore the sacred ways of ancient culture, dive deeply into ritual, learn the secrets of Tantra. Come and join our tribal gatherings. Our program is full of opportunities to return to yourself, to the wild and to ancient ways lost.


A village of celtic roundhouses and yurts, waterfalls, sacred fires and temples cradled in 200 acres of Welsh forest returning to its wild nature.

An revolving community of tribal ways where the ancient soul has a seat by the fire.