Volunteering Programs


Part-Time Volunteering Program 2022:

May, June, July, September: £600 per month.

(Kids under 14: £250, Teens under 18: £350)

Become the beating heart of the camp, live, breathe, learn, work, enjoy and celebrate in full participation with the tribe! 


You will be encouraged to contribute your own unique energy, enthusiasm and passion to the projects you resonate with, with the opportunity to learn new skills through work experience whilst living as an off grid community.

Our rhythm here at Spirit Horse is flexible and relaxed, yet hands on. A balance between showing initiative to get involved organically where and when needed, whilst honoring your own flow and living in beauty on the wild land.

We are not famous for schedules and time takes on its own magic form in the valley, but as a guide line, we would expect about 3h work per day from our tribe members. But be warned, you might easily find yourself banging nails or chopping broccoli until sun set just because you were having fun doing it together with the humans.

Building and carpentry:

Our village of yurts and roundhouses always provides building work, from humble mending of the compost toilet after a storm, to completing one of the biggest Celtic roundhouses in Britain, including a vast shingle roof from forest to finished masterpiece and other unique structures.



Help prepare our delicious communal meals in our wild off grid kitchen, chopping vegetables, learning to make the soups, curries, bread and chapatis and other funky recipes, washing up pots and pans, carrying water, or sorting out tea for the builders. They say the kitchen is the heart of the camp, full of challenges as well as laughter.​


General running of the camp

Shaking the dust off gorgeous Indian rugs in the Red Temple after a wild night of storytelling, putting the kettle on, washing up your own plate, lighting up candles in dark corners, painting a sign, giving a tour to first timers, making masks with the children, or being the shoulder to cry on when life happens, there is always sacred and odd invisible jobs to keep holy and busy.


Off grid community living

Sitting around the fire, playing music, chatting, laughing, drinking tea, arguing, resolving, and drinking more tea.

Community life can be poetic and beautiful, but also challenging, especially when the Welsh weather is in a cheeky mood, come experiment with us.

We also encourage you to share your offerings and skills with the tribe, if you wanna offer a short workshop, yoga class, open mic, kids workshop, etc, very welcome.

Our monthly part-time volunteering program covers:

Work opportunities and training where needed

All food

Camping accommodation: Please bring your campervan/tent (Shared yurts spaces are limited, but can be offered in case of emergency)

And any of the other deep end fun things we may get up to: meditation, yoga, storytelling, breathe journeys, healing, talks, meetings, tribal dance, sauna, sweat lodge etc.

Weekends long Workshops / Events are not included

But they may be booked seperately, see our Workshop & Events page

To get a sense of practical lifestyle on site please have a read through our Practicalities page.

To apply, contact us with a bit about yourself and what draws you here.

If you can't come at the beginning of a month flexible dates can be arranged, if you think you might want to stay longer that can be discussed when you are here.

Any questions, Contact us:


August Full Immersion:

August is a little different, it is the busiest time of year with our main events, and it is the opportunity for you to fully experience the deep end by taking part rather than just working to support. You will still live with us for the month and join in with the tribal jobs in between events, go visit the August Full Immersion page for more details.

Full-Time Volunteering Program 2022:



For highly skilled volunteers to help run the camp, if you are an experienced cook or carpenter, contact us to apply.

Any questions, Contact us:



Bookings and Cancellations Policy


It is really helpful for us when running courses and events if you book in advance.

If we have to cancel an event, we will provide you a full refund without question.
If you need to cancel your booking, you can carry the value of your booking over to another event (subject to availability) or pay £100 admin fee, unless exceptional circumstances.