Aphrodite's Temple; held in the ceremonial village that looks up to the sky

The entire village of Spirit Horse is a purpose built, hand crafted, blessed and prayed to, ceremonial village. We do the work of Aphrodite's Temple in a sacred roundhouse, a magical space; magic only known by those who have sat within the walls, danced to the whim of the drum, lay their heads to dream there, put their blessings into the very walls with bare hands, or when looking directly at reality as it is. This is the female space.


The men prepare, pray, reveal, release, and ready themselves in the Men's Lodge. Originally the first medicine lodge of the village, it's old bones, wood witnessing a thousand tears of sorrow and joy, support the smoke that lures the spirit in to speak through the wet mouths of men willing. The original poet has been born here, many a moment, many a time. The great phallus sits outside, a holy and ramshackle representation of the divine masculine, that which penetrates all into the shocking and fresh truth of form and formlessness. May real men walk again as they leave the old door into the newness of day and feminine caress of a mornings dew.


Separated by two sparkling rivers that meet.

Priestess Lodge: The Vision - The Healing of men and women

Empowered women and the healing of men and women. Healing of the centuries: 
The Great Allowing: where we learn to relinquish control to allow natural movement.

The Great Forgetting: recognizing where our cultures got lost.

The Great Remembering: returning to spirit and the original natural intelligence. 

Those who will walk with the wizard wands of trembling vulnerability and meteoric strength.
Inside you; the ocean of stars: the frailty of the fresh green world. 
Walking between the worlds.
Bringing a new quickening or creative urgency that awakens the mystery in the limbs of the sacred priestess, who brings peace; the soft strength that breaks the iron and pain of the world.

Healing through sexual spiritual acceptance in ritual space. A temple of pleasure and forgiveness and tears and deepest repose, beyond conflict and ideas and discursive words. The love of woman unchained to any heresy. Loyal to her original heart; that both soothes and demands: rejecting all that is not truth and presence and energy. 
This is the healing the world with its guns and wars, indifference, industry and commercialism is crying for. It’s the earth mantle longing for its green softness to be felt and sung again. 

A way of life never seen before but rooted in the ancient pagan reverence of the ancestral intelligence that founded true cultures .

Authentic in every emotion, every moment, every gesture and the music and dance and ecstasy of the temple resounding.

So come Woman:

Take your high place belonging to no man with your senses awake; be enthroned in your own body. Alive and awake to every ripple. Learn to accept who you are. Be held, be blessed, be encouraged by women's voices and her hands holding you; childlike, sexually, spiritually, soulfully. Repairing the centuries we have lost. 

So come Man:

In your vulnerable brokenness learning to fully honour your adventure. Bring your surrender. Be healed. Collapse in the soft acceptance of the gifting holy women. Forgiveness is here and the dangerous pass into wholeness. Let her remake you in her sensuality beyond your rigid concepts, your rights and wrongs, your terrible need to be validated that has wrecked this lovely world.


On our knees before the gods, let us men and women together learn the arts of healing. And this time now so ripe at last, let us not be told to leave our sexual longing outside the temple. This holy place is green with the vines and leafs and flowers of pleasure, and the tears and the great unknown beyond small minded safety made of past thoughts.

Brave hearts: turn your steps this way, beat a path to the New Love. Life is too full to talk about. 

Two years priestess training

Dates and Prices to be announced

To be fully announced and discussed after November's Aphrodite's Temple event.


Women will create their own lodge. Lavishly blessing each other, with touch, ritual, dance, counsel, and fierce honesty. A lodge of sisters, a temple not seen for millennia.

This will take as long as it takes throughout regular meetings, but ultimately we are aiming to hold rituals that could look like this:


When ready. When really ready, six at a time, you would accept a man who has been preparing for two days to enter and receive the gifts of your temple space. 

There will be naked dancing, touch, praise allowing and deep holding. 
You will already have received this gift from your sisters and you will now be ready to give to man, each of you according to your shy or bold or fierce or gentle natures. Naturally finding the touch or word or gesture that serves the ritual. Each man may take two or three hours. When they stand up and walk away they will never ever forget the majesty of woman. 
They will begin to heal the world and serve the green earth. If this fails: then it can be spoken that we tried. 



Bring your centuries of fear; your need to be admired and loved and seen and accepted; your gifts and adventures blessed by the mind and heart of women out beyond conflict, longed for strength and divine searching to a place of arrival, beyond seeking, where all accepting of our reality just as it is, the waters of vulnerability and supreme confidence mingle. 

Come and we will make you holy, ready to receive, ready to pray, ready to let into your body the all accepting elixir of woman’s love. 


Do not question woman, Adore her everywhere....

....in this empirical world wisdom has taken the form of woman



All the pilgrimage places are to be found on her body


About Surrender Tantra

Shivam's unique approach to tantra, bringing refined intuition into sacred ritual.

Explore body energy work, the practice of surrendering to the present moment, freeing the sacred sexual healing energies of the divine masculine and feminine


In the surrendered body, we play with supreme relaxation, allowing our sexual and spiritual energy body to mingle, soften, heal, open and flower into awakening. Woman is the teacher here.


After the thousands of years of suppression the true feminine is re-awakening, sexually and spiritually. We are seeing in our lifetime a broken world in chaos and the possibility of a long awaited healing, awakening and flowering of both ourselves on our individual journey and this bruised and dishonoured earth that birthed us.


The ecstatic paths of the old goddess religions were pushed underground, along with our individul, tribal, sexual and spiritual freedoms. A controlling patriarchal and fearful shadow held sway and still affects us individually and as a culture. The ancient traditions of honouring, loving and celebrating being here may live again


Come to explore this awakening, this renewal in your own body. Explore who you are. Start right where you are. Make your own rules. Be your own authority. Reclaim your territory, your freedom, your garden and your own unique flowering.


Our culture is about doing instead of simply being. Personal growth is often about gaining, adding to our knowledge, experiences, hoping to be stronger, more secure. Surrender is about allowing, without resistance, whatever is naturally, intrinsically there to surface and be. This is moving beyond effort and control into unknown, unfolding movement of the moment. 


It calls us to be brave, accepting and willing to feel and be with whatever we discover on our journey. We may have to face our old traumas, our fears, the desperate decisions we made in childhood that have now slipped into unconsciously being part of us. We may have to decide to be true adults alert and awake to the moment and refusing to hide in old defensive patterns. 



When we let go of thought, we enter the effortless world, where our true being may be glimpsed and lived.


"The valley spirit never dies, 

it is the woman, primal, mother,

her gateway is the root of heaven and earth.

It is like a veil barely seen.

Use it it will never fail"


More information on the Surrender Tantra Website