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Priestess Lodge

6th - 8th September 2019

£290 for new sisters to the circle /

£145 returning sisters to the circle

Come back to the Truth of your own Being. Include your sexual energy. Recognise it to be the union of all opposites, merging creation into being, formless into form, emptiness into appearance. 


As we are here, let's come together, pray, serve, and give honouring to that which enabled our birth; the original fertile mother. It is through her healing, through the hand and dance and celebration of the feminine, that the priestess arrives in this temple. You are Her. Come.


This dreaming time will/may include;

Feminine ceremonial time, a portal to allow only this to be your focus

Talking circles

Breath work

Body work

Full body massage

Mystical dance 

Poetic speech

Embodied enquiry

Energetic touch

Drum journeying

Vision quest

Full body surrender

Yoni + womb awakening - massage, meditation, breath work, mystical enquiry.


Everything is an invitation. We move with the openness and motion of the circle. As one body, one river. An endless discover of the medicine woman, the priestess, and her role in the world now. 


This is deep and thorough preparation for stepping fully into the role of Priestess in Aphrodite's Temple. Neither are mandatory to attend one or the other, but to do both is much more juicy, grounded and fun!