Mid Winter Retreat

27th Dec 2018- 1st Jan 2019

Full price: £300 - Community contributors: £200

Want to join us for only part of it?


Full price: £70 - Community contributors: £50

Meditation, ritual, music, breathwork, bodywork, touch, dyads, dance, beautiful speech, story telling, poetry and even partying.


In the silence of the rushing waters and winter peace, we will stay quiet. When sound, movement, speech, music, dance, arise, then let them come spontaneously from the depth of creativity that is our essential nature.


Come prepared to dream deep, be silent half the time and commune with others in fierce honesty without being serious. The red Temple will be our palace of intelligence.


Shivam will be joined by Simon Bone Shaker, Peter the Bansuri, temple dancers creating magical evenings steeped in atmosphere and emotion and rhythm.


May the gods prevail under the racing night sky and the starry robe of winter wrap you softly in deepest peace.

It is really helpful for us when running courses if you book in advance.

If something comes up last minute, your deposit can be carried over to another event.