Tribal dance Weekend

29th - 31st May 2021


Includes breakfast lunch and dinner tea & coffee, everything!


If you bring your own food or buy a meal as you go. 

Forget the matrix - Forget your phone - Shake to your ancient self - Touch the earth - Sauna & Waterfall Plunge - Digital Detox - Fire Dance - Smoke Dance -Off Grid - Get lost in the Forest - Wild Land -  Celtic Roundhouse - Ancient Home


All Night Tribal Dance to the drums of Shaman Percussionist Joe Caswell & Jake Caswell and Simon Boneshaker with special guests.

Welcome, meditations and ritual breath journey from Shivam.

Ayurvedic feasting with Mia Wild Hearth ‘n ‘er Neolifik kitchen.

Bring your wildest outfits, bring your wildest self and welcome to the valley.


Share a roundhouse/tipi space or bring a tent.