Community Camps

21st May - 6th June 2021

30th June - 4th July 2021

17th - 25th August 2021

Full Price: £25 a day    -     Community contributors: £15 a day

A Tribal Time in Nature

At these times the valley is open to all, both contributors and guests of all ages. There is no fixed program and it is a free, easy, relaxed  time with people creating the life of this new and ancient village wherever they feel drawn. If you have never been to Spirithorse before we recommend you come to one of our workshops/events first.


Building, being, cooking, washing up, river bathing, sauna-ing, making, playing, helping, lazing, storytelling, dancing, you get the picture!  The loveliest time to relax and be in the valley with her wild tribe.  A relaxed, but hands-on time.  Float between the two.

How To Book

Whether you wish to come for the whole camp time or just a few days, contact Erika to book your presence.

If it is your first time at Spirit Horse, please introduce yourself and let us know what is drawing you to the valley.

Contact Shivam: