Aphrodite's Temple

6th - 10th November 2019

Newcomers to the Temple: £555 

Returners to the Temple or Community contributors: £425

Early Bird (Till 6th October 2019): £370

A ritual of Surrender to the ultimate divine intelligence,

A timeless healing of man and woman

The union of sex and spirit.


May our surrender become the regressing of this frail beautiful earth,

Which is not separate from your skin and never was. 

In allowing ourselves to return to our own nature, where simple being with what is true in the subtle, sexual and energetic realms of the body, is medicine. 


Men, come. Bring your broken heart. Your village story. Your dreaming. Your wildness. Your truth. Let yourself fall into the lap of woman. Surrender there.


Women, come. Remember the ancient power of the Priestess, who lives in your very bones. Leap into the raw, real and radical honesty of the feminine watery intuition. Approach every crevice and gateway of your sexuality with the support of the lodge. All allowing, all allowed. Together we give life to the Priestess Temple, for love, for harmony, for the healing of sexuality and the fertility of all that gives new life. 

When we know of the plans of the people, it creates a vaster and more fluid lead up to the ceremonies. It allows us to be clear on how we need to prepare, and so to reward those who enable this creativity, we have a much lower Early Bird price. 


You are still able to take the Early Bird price even if you are only paying your deposit before October 6th. This deposit is a offer of your word, to arrive and come ready to go deep. We respect that commitment.


The deposit is non-refundable, but in times of wild circumstance, we are able to transfer it across events. Signing up to work of this depth can be revealing even before you arrive, and with that, a lot of resistance to going into the unknown can show. Feel this, it is not an enemy! Welcome this.